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By requesting that your doctor purchase Aluna through their Remote Patient Monitoring program, you can get Aluna heavily discounted (or free).

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Take Control of Your Lung Health

Aluna is the award-winning portable, digital spirometer that gives you control and confidence in your child’s health.
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See the Signs

Catch early signs of attacks and respiratory events


Stay in Control

Reduce unnecessary ER and Hospital visits


Manage Medicine

Know they're taking the right amount of medication


“The breathing device and the app are very user friendly and intuitive. The game-like environment of the app keeps the kids motivated to use the app every day. When their numbers read on the low side we are able to respond sooner and give corrective treatment right away or contact the doctor. The ability to share the accumulated data with the doctor is an invaluable feature.”

Lisa M.
Castro Valley, CA


“Aluna gives us insight into our daughter’s lung health in ways we’ve never had before. It tracks her daily capacity and allows us to follow and recognize trends that we've been blind to in the past, showing us a clear correlation between capacity and illness or high allergen moments.”

Jeff M.
Roseville, CA


“My daughter is extremely active. Aluna helps us keep up her high activity level, or make modifications when necessary, by letting us track her numbers daily. We are able to share the data with our doctor, and that gives our doctor information to evaluate when deciding to cut down or eliminate medication.”

Laurie F.
Mountain View, CA